Nicky Heal's Demonstration and Workshop Feedback

Nicky’s arrangements were inspiring and different with a beautiful combination of flowers and different textures of foliage. His choice of containers from a caldron to an antique seed thrower set of his designs beautifully. One arrangement in particular was a single Hydrangea with wired Phormium twisted leaves set off by a bead which would not go amiss as a bridal bouquet.
In between he demonstrated his adeptness at leaf manipulation. In the blink of an eye an elaborate flower or intricate leaf appeared. Whilst explaining how to do it, it will probably take a lot of practice to reproduce anything like his example.’
The next day workshop was attended by 25 ladies who produced a woven willow  pheasant or duck, many with individual characteristics. Nicky and Daisy guided everyone along to explain the details but it is much harder than you think and would need quite a lot of practice to reach the dizzy heights of Nicky’s creations. Everyone enjoyed themselves and is looking forward to the next workshop.
We are discussing a return visit for a demonstration and workshop’